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Why Do Ants Show Up In The Same Places?

Posted by Dennis Mayhew on Apr 26, 2018 12:16:56 PM
Dennis Mayhew

shutterstock_411724597Ants are highly social insects and need to effectively communicate with the other ants in their colony. Like many other insects, one of the key ways ants communicate is through pheromones. Pheromones are natural chemical scents the ants emit or deposit. As the ant travels away from the nest it will deposit a pheromone along their route similar to leaving a trail of breadcrumbs. When a forager ant finds a good source of food, it will head back to the nest and create a special pheromone trail along the route that communicates to the other ants of exactly where food can be found, and how to get back to the nest.

Some ants species leave pheromone trails that last for just a few minutes, while other species can create trails that last for days, months or longer. There are several factors like the time of year, temperature, humidity, and nearby plants and animals that will influence how long a pheromone trail will remain active.

To effectively eliminate ants from your home, office or warehouse, it is extremely important to:

  • Identify the ant - Each species of ant has its own unique characteristics and habits. Knowing this information will give you the information needed to select the proper material to use, where and how to use it. 

  • Eliminate their food source - Keeping your home, office or warehouse free of food debris, sweet and sugary syrup spillage on the counters or floors. Every pest needs three things to survive - Food, Water and Shelter. Eliminating any of of these from the triangle and it will increase your chances of success.

  • Prevent entry - Find out where the ants are getting in and seal up the access.

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