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How do ants get into your house?

Posted by Dennis Mayhew on Apr 27, 2018 10:21:26 AM

Ants have become the number one pest complaint that exterminators receive, and if you’re like most homeowners, you’re at your wits’ end.  Ants seem to appear out of nowhere, then they’re everywhere, then they’re gone and then back again. As soon as there is a speck of food on the counter, they’re on it!

But where are all of these ants coming from? How are ants entering your home, office or warehouse? They seem to come from nowhere and take advantage of a spill, crumb and housekeeping mistakes you may make! Ants enter your home, office or warehouse from many different ways and understanding how ants find their way inside is often the first step in treating an ant infestation.  Where are these points of entry?

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Why Do Ants Show Up In The Same Places?

Posted by Dennis Mayhew on Apr 26, 2018 12:16:56 PM

Ants are highly social insects and need to effectively communicate with the other ants in their colony. Like many other insects, one of the key ways ants communicate is through pheromones. Pheromones are natural chemical scents the ants emit or deposit. As the ant travels away from the nest it will deposit a pheromone along their route similar to leaving a trail of breadcrumbs. When a forager ant finds a good source of food, it will head back to the nest and create a special pheromone trail along the route that communicates to the other ants of exactly where food can be found, and how to get back to the nest.

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10 Steps To Rid Your Home Of Ants

Posted by Dennis Mayhew on Apr 2, 2018 1:56:15 PM




You have lived in the same house for years and then, all the sudden, you see ants and they won’t go away They seem to be everywhere and nowhere at once. They crawl across the countertops. They circle a drop of spilled soda. They’re exploring the sink like tourists at the Grand Canyon! You ask yourself, how did I go all those years without a single ant and now they are crawling all over my kitchen and bathroom?

It’s spring and it seems that the whole animal kingdom is waking up because the temperatures have begun to rise during the day and food has become more plentiful. Ants are foragers which means that they will search over a wide area in order to obtain a place that is warm at night night and has plenty of easily accessible food and water for them to feast on. If that sounds like your house, then you may be in trouble. During

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